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How I help PhD Students to improve their English!

Lukasz — PhD Student in Modern Languages

Lukasz was almost at the end of his PhD studies. He needed to pass an English language test before being awarded a PhD. He came to me one week before his English test, very worried. We met every day for a lesson to talk about his thesis and his area of study. We also spoke about travelling, sport and cooking. At the end of the week, he was much more relaxed. He prepared a short presentation about his thesis which he read to me several times. On the Monday and Tuesday, we practised the presentation and he answered questions about the presentation and the area of his study. On Wednesday, he went for his English test. There were three examiners in the room and he presented his thesis and answered their questions. He passed the test without a problem.

Mariola — PhD Student in Chemistry

Mariola was studying for a PhD in the Chemistry department. Her English was good, but she was worried about passing the English language test. Mariola did not have much opportunity to speak English in her department and she needed to pass the test first time. She came to me three months before her English test. We met twice a week for normal conversations and to talk about her thesis and area of study. During this time, we worked on her presentation and an English abstract of her thesis which she needed to present to the examiners. We prepared a list of possible questions that the examiner might ask her and we practised these during the lessons. Mariola took the test after three months and passed without a problem.

Danuta — PhD Student in Finance

Danuta was studying for a PhD in Finance. She worked in business and was also giving lectures on Finance at a univeristy to Master students. She came to me a year before her English test. We worked on her abstract, presentation and also an essay about Finance which she had to present to the examiners. She came to me once a week. We practised normal conversation as well as exam practice. She passed the exam without a problem.

Elzbieta — PhD Student in Educational Studies

Elzbieta was studying Pedagogy. She worked in the field of education and was an expert in her area. Her English was not very good when she first came to me. She needed to pass an English test before being awarded her PhD. We prepared a presentation on her subject area and she practised reading this many times. Her English improved, however, she did not pass her English test the first time. We continued to practise and three months later she passed the test the second time.

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