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Find out how this English Native Speaker can correct your text


What is Proofreading?

Today, most people ask for proofreading when they mean text correction. Proofreading means checking the text carefully to find and correct the following types of errors:

• spelling mistakes;

• punctuation errors;

• grammatical errors; and

• language style errors.

Normally, proofreaders do not try to change the meaning of the text they are correcting, however, if they find sentences that are confusing then they should let the author of the text know.

Academic Articles

I work with professors, academics and medical doctors. Articles submitted to English language academic journals should be checked by an English Native Speaker before publication.


Companies and organizations ask me to proofread the English versions of their websites.


People looking for jobs ask me to check the English version of their CV. If necessary, I can translate the CV from Polish to English.

Cover Letters

People looking for jobs ask me to check the English version of their cover letters. There is no such thing as a motivation letter (or a motivational letter) in English, but if there were, then I would correct it as well.


I correct presentations for business, university and school.

Legal Documents

I proofread legal agreements, contracts, letters and documents written in English. Lawyers are very demanding and accuracy is important.

Other Documents


For special occasions, when it is important that the English is perfect and in the correct style: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, opening ceremonies, and product launches, for example.


Singers and songwriters ask me to correct their songs written in English. On these occasions, it is the sound and melody of the words that is the most important.

Film Scripts

Film producers and directors consult me on the English used in their Polish language films.

Letters to Heads of State

On several occasions, I have been asked to correct or write letters to be sent to VIPs. On these occasions, my clients ask for the highest possible quality of writing with a natural English style.

Advertising Slogans

If you want your slogan in English, then you need an English Native Speaker.

Does my document qualify for proofreading?

Please send me your document and I will check to see if it qualifies for proofreading. If the text has been translated into English very badly, then it may not qualify for proofreading. Sometimes the translation into English is so bad that it cannot be corrected.

How do I calculate the number of standard pages in a document?

First, count the number of characters in the document including spaces. Most good word processing software packages have a statistics facility which counts the characters for you. Then, divide this number by my standard page size of 1800 characters per page. Pages are rounded up to the nearest page.

How long does it take?

The length of time to proofread your document depends on a number of factors. For example, how long the document is, how complex or technical the document is and how busy I am when I accept your order. I have two speeds for proofreading: normal and express speed. Once I have seen your document, I will be able to tell you how long it will take.

What about specialised text?

I proofread all types of text: medical, legal, technical, advertising, reports and simple text. If your text is medical, legal, technical or very complex then I may charge extra.

How should I send you the text?

Please send me the text by email in Microsoft Word format. I accept both [.doc] and [.docx] formats as well as other common document formats.

Can I have an estimate?

I am happy to give you an estimate for your proofreading work. Please call me to discuss your project. Once I have seen the document to be proofread, I will be able to estimate the time for the work and the cost.

Can I have a VAT invoice?

Of course, I can issue you with a VAT invoice for proofreading.


Korekta Tekstu Języka Angielskiego

Czy chcesz, żeby twój tekst został poprawiony przez Native Speakera języka angielskiego?

Jestem native speakerem języka angielskiego i oprócz nauczania języka angielskiego, zajmuję się korektą tekstów.

Mam duże doświadczenie w korekcie tekstów, czym zajmuję się od ponad 20 lat.

Wykonam korektę tekstu języka angielskiego w profesjonalny sposób.

Moje dziedzina to głównie:

• korekta artykułów naukowych w języku angielskim.

• korekta angielskich tekstów medycznych przed publikacją.

• korekta strony internetowej po angielsku.

• korekta CV (życiorys) oraz listu motywacyjnego po angielsku.

• korekta lub sprawdzanie prezentacji w języku angielskim dla firm, studentów, naukowców, itd.

• korekta dokumentów urzędowych, dokumentów prawnych, umów, itd.

Sprawdź ile to kosztuje. Wyślij mi twój tekst a odpiszę z ceną i oszacowanym terminem wykonania.

Masz jakiś angielski tekst i potrzebujesz go sprawdzić? Wyślij mi twój tekst a wycenię korektę dla Ciebie.

Jak wyliczyć stronę do korekty?

Jedna strona zawiera 1800 znaków wraz ze spacjami. Cena za stronę zależy od ilości stron oraz czasu wykonania. Jeśli ma to być korekta ekspresowa, wtedy cena będzie wyższa.

Tutaj znajdziesz mój cennik: cennik.

Mogę wystawić fakturę VAT.


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