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How I teach English to people who know no English at all!

Jan – starter

Jan is a bus driver. He is forty-five years old. He came to me for lessons last year. He came for two months. At the beginning, he knew no English at all. He came four times a week for two months. Now, he can understand simple English and he knows 1000 basic words in English. He can speak and understand simple English.

Mirek – starter

Mirek is a businessman. He is sixty-two years old. He likes to travel and he wanted to speak English when he travels. He has been coming to me for two years. When Mirek first came he did not know very much English and he could not speak English. He started with my speaking practice course for starters. He came for one year as a starter. At the end of the year, he could speak some English and he could read and understand simple English. Then he came for one year as a beginner. He came for my conversation course for beginners. Now he is coming for my conversation course for lower intermediates. Mirek can now speak English when he travels to other countries on holiday or business.

Ania – starter

Ania is a sales assistant. She is twenty-seven years old. When she came to me she was a receptionist. Her manager wanted her to answer the telephone in English and to speak to foreign clients in English. When Ania came to me, she could not speak English at all. She came for my speaking practice course for starters. She came to me three or four times a week for three months. After three months, she was promoted by her manager because she could speak English and take simple messages from foreign clients on the telephone without a problem.

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