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How I teach people who speak good English to speak better English!

Stanislaw — advanced

Stanislaw is the Chairman of a company quoted on the Polish Stock Exchange. Stanislaw has a financial background and speaks very good English. However, he has to attend shareholder meetings and supervisory board meetings. At these meetings, he has to speak with his foreign shareholders and supervisory board members in English. Stanislaw comes to me once or twice a month to maintain contact with English. We talk about business and finance throughout the conversations.

Kazimierz — advanced

Kazimierz is the managing director of the Polish subsidiary of a German company. He has to travel to Germany once a month for meetings with the holding company. These meetings last all day and are in English. He has no contact with English in Poland and so he comes to me two or three times a month to feel relaxed when he travels to Germany. We talk about normal subjects throughout the conversations. After a hard day at work, Kazimierz does not like to talk about business.

Karolina — advanced

Karolina is a lawyer. She uses English everyday at work. She prepares contracts, writes emails, writes letters, etc. However, she does not speak English at work. She does not often meet her clients face to face. Sometimes, she has to speak with a client on the telephone in English. And this is stressful for her. Karolina comes to me once a week and we concentrate on General English and Legal English. We talk about legal problems in Poland, covering tax law, property law, civil law and copyright law.

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